REDaction Competition - We have a winner!

Last updated : 19 November 2004 By Mike Bohndiek
1) How many different teams did Arsenal actually beat in the 49 game run?

2) In no more than 50 words please describe your favourite moment/match of the run.

We had hundreds of entries, but finally came to the conclusion that Ray Livesey had put forward the best response. He first got the question right – to which the answer was 19.

He also wrote this for his tie breaker:

“My favourite match was against Liverpool at home in May 2004, when after the confidence sapping defeats of the previous week and the strong start and early lead by Liverpool we prevailed with a magnificent team effort and glorious individual contributions from Henry and Pires virtually sealing our title.”

Which we felt summed up the end to our season.

Congratulations to Ray Livesey.