REDaction Update - Bolton at home

Last updated : 05 January 2009 By Steve Goodwin

Before the Bolton game this Saturday, we are having a special meeting, upstairs in The Rocket. The aim is to collect as many good ideas as possible, for how to improve the atmosphere in the stadium. REDaction do not pretend to have all of the answers to this - but we definitely know there is a problem that needs tackling here - so the more good ideas we can collect, the better. We had a similar meeting before the Kiev Champions League game - which, being midweek, was not the most convenient time. This time, we are meeting before a Saturday 3pm kick off - so hopefully more of you will be able to make it.

Hopefully, all of you are in touch with REDaction because you think that the atmopshere issue is important - so, please come along on Saturday with your best ideas. We'll be upstairs in The Rocket from 1pm until around 2pm - so even if you can only drop in for a short while, we'll be glad to hear your ideas.

Meanwhile, we'll have the usual goings on at The Rocket, both before and after the game. Football on the big screen, 3 bars open, and an open mic session in the hour or so before The March leaves for the ground.

Talking of The March, there seems to be lots of disagreement over when we should leave The Rocket - i.e. how long before kick off. We thought we'd put this to a vote - have your say here -

That's all for now - hopefully see you all on Saturday

Victory Through Harmony