REDaction update: REDsection / Cup Final / Fancy Brum

Last updated : 16 May 2005 By Mike Bohndiek

We are now close to registering 500 for the REDsection. This is very positive for us, and we would like to thank those of you have registered. If you have not yet registered email for details. Even if you do not want to sit in the section yourself, please help us by spreading the word to all the Gooners you know. With a little help that number could shoot right up.

FA Cup Final

REDaction have organised some inflatables to be given away on the day. We have inflatable Gunnersaureses, inflatable canons and inflatable noise sticks (used commonly in France) for the family area. In total, we have 10,000 items to give away totally free of charge, so seek us out on the day! We will have members posted all around the Arsenal section of the ground, and will be primarily based outside of Gate 2.

FA Cup Final Pub

Arsenal fans will be sat in the North Section of the Millennium Stadium for the FA Cup final. We, therefore, have different pubs to the semi final. We will instead have the same pubs as we had for the community shield at the start of this season.

Those of you who are making a day of it, come along for an unofficial North Bank Knees Up in the Wetherspoons ‘Gatekeeper' pub, which is close to Gate 2, where most Arsenal fans will be entering the stadium (Map).

Some of you may have been here before the community shield. If you did, I'm sure you will agree that there was a cracking atmosphere! The pub is split over three floors, which allowed banter between levels, and also helped to make the pub erupt with noise at times.

You'll also be able to see all the build up to the match, with a large screen TV stretching over the three floors as well as smaller screens on each level.
Be there, be loud and proud.

Fancy Brum

This, despite the result, was a great success! Everyone who took the REDaction coach to Birmingham had a great time, and no doubt we will be repeating the event next season. Again, our thanks to all that participated, and a special mention to the 4 Teenage Mutant Hero Turtle's and the Womble who came in full costume, despite the warmth of the day! A good day was had by all.