REDsection for Wigan - Update

Last updated : 13 January 2006 By Ben Dimech
Whether it's a debate in the pub, buying the latest shirt or having a right royal moan up on a message board, we show our commitment and passion in different ways too!

There was a time not so long ago that the semi-final of the League Cup in England was a big deal! Certainly for Arsenal and its fans but times change, it would seem. With a group of youngsters, Arsene Wenger has managed to reach the semi finals of this old competition. A competition where thirteen years ago, a young Northern Ireland international came up to knock in a Wembley winner and send hundreds of thousands of Arsenal fans into delirium!

Our 2006 team is struggling. Waving the Premiership title goodbye before Xmas, we have a few flickering hopes left in this, our last season at our world-famous Home Of Football. Our second string lost 0-1 to a determined Wigan showing a lack of commitment that would have had Keown, Romford and Tony barracking them within the first five minutes. They seemed disinterested, disheartened and almost embarrassed that they were at the JJB fighting over a piece of silverware the media don't love any more.

Tuesday 24th. January sees our young guns take the Highbury field again in what will be, for most, their very last time. They have the ability to turn around a 1-0 deficit but they need the support to do that. Our support! Let's show the watching world that Gooners are a breed apart. We have a history that would warmly welcome a third League Cup. We have pride to fight for a chance to play one last time at our second home at the Millennium Stadium. We have a support that will get behind the lads and remind them how it feels to live our dream! To wear that cannon on their chest at Highbury!

You have less than two weeks to get your seats in the REDsection in the North Bank Lower for Tuesday 24th January. Less than two weeks to stand up and be counted in an effort to roar the lads onto a place in Cardiff to face Blackburn or Manchester United!

To apply for the REDsection where tickets are just £20 each in the middle of the North Lower:

Send a covering letter with applicants' seven digit membership numbers and either a cheque made payable to "Arsenal Football Club PLC" or credit/debit card number, start/expiry date and issue number (if applicable) for the correct amount by post/in person to:

REDsection V Reading
FAO Sue Campbell
The Travel Club
Arsenal Football Club
Arsenal Stadium
Avenell Road
London, N5 1BU