ROFLCOPTER: The Best Memes & Funnies From Around the Premier League This Week

​As ever, it's been a funny old week. A very funny week, in fact. So funny that the internet world has coughed up some almighty funnies to mask over some fairly miserable times for a select few clubs.

There's no way we can cover all the memes and LOLs from the week, but here's a few worth revisiting.

...And then creasing and laughing over because they're funny as hell.

Last Minute...Agony

From ecstasy to agony in the space of two exceedingly hilarious seconds, this ​Newcastle United fan got more than he bargained for when he went to watch his side host ​Chelsea on the weekend.

Football is a sport that centres around the use of a spherical object that you kick into a net held up by a rectangular frame.

One thing you're not meant to do is kick the corner flag.

One thing you're absolutely not meant to do is kick said corner flag toward someone's nether regions. Wrong balls, Matt Ritchie.

Considering it was a 94th minute goal to snatch a victory over a top four contender, it might have relieved the pain slightly, but still, it's utterly hilarious.

​​That poor Geordie..

​​Taking All of Four Days to Be Loved

Sometimes, fans will take to you over an extended period of time. It can be weeks, months, years, or even never. 

​Not if you're Ignacio Pussetto, though.

Having joined Watford on January 14th, it took him just four days to endear himself to the Hornets faithful with a miraculous goal line clearance against ​Spurs. Needless to say, they love him.

It looks close there, but believe me, it was even closer than you think. 

Heroic stuff.

They adore him now.


​​Steeping to New Lows

Yes, you've heard it enough: ​Manchester United are atrocious.

Somehow they're still fifth, but a 2-0 defeat at home to Burnley was really one of the lowest points their fans had seen for some time.

Of course, the Red Devils are hurting. However, the rest of the football world are revelling in it. They love this. It's cruel, but laugh out loud funny to others.


​​There's always Tuesday to make up for it though, right?

It's just Manchester City in the second leg of their Carabao Cup semi-final in which they're already 3-1 down and without their best two players in the side through injury.

Easy peasy.

A Selection of Footballing S***housery

Two games finished 2-2 in midweek...somehow.

​Arsenal's ten men battled to a 'Desmond' against Chelsea, netting twice with their (yes) only two shots in the match. One can point to grit, determination, fight and a never-say-die spirit in an entertaining London derby, or you can look at the funny side of N'Golo Kante's slip, cause, why not?

Move over to Goodison Park and Everton who - leading 2-0 going into the 93rd minute - drew 2-2.

Who, what, when, where, how?

Two remarkable results on the same night. Of course the internet responded, it always does. This time about the actual game though, not one man's unfortunate mishap.



And of course...Carlo Ancelotti eating pizza.

A memes of the week list wouldn't be complete without that, I suppose.

Source : 90min