Should Arsenal try to sign Frank Lampard or John Terry

Last updated : 19 April 2013 By DSG

Lampard and Terry are to Chelsea what Giggs and Scholes are to Manchester United. While the latter duo are still (almost) in the slowing waning yet glowing limelight of their careers (Giggs plays a pivotal role in the midfield, has scored again this season and is regarded highly at the club; Scholes retired, couldn?t take it without being on the pitch, badly missed training, came back to play for Manchester United, got a warm welcome from Sir Alex and almost saw Manchester United win the league last season!) it is sad to see the news about Lampard and Terry not being able to make it into the first team at Chelsea consistently. It is also slightly disturbing that their futures at the club are as certain as QPR?s stay in top flight this season!

Lampard has been in fine form this season and is now the second highest goal scorer for Chelsea all time, which speaks volumes about his endurance. He was also a central figure of Mourinho?s time at the club when they won a deluge of titles. An untiring player on the pitch and a true leader in the clubhouse, he also has a great reputation among the Chelsea faithful and we have seldom seen him disrespected by the other clubs. Terry might have had his share of news for all the wrong reasons but on field his performances are always stellar. Like Lampard, he has been a rock at Chelsea and a true gladiator. Even more amazing is the focus and determination of the man to bounce back from off field distractions and excel in the 90 minutes that matter to this profession.


Like it or not Arsenal are a fragile team which has recently starting building some muscle to stand up the Premier League?s rough and tough bullies. In their last match again Everton, Wilshere was incensed to the point of a brawl in the tunnel during half time. Arsenal needs men to stand among their boys and guide them. Arsenal needs seasoned warriors to protect their prodigies. Terry could be the rock Arsenal lack in their defense and can guide their young lineup. Lampard could link up with the brilliant Wilshere and work wonders. Add a classy finisher and suddenly the team would look a lot more dangerous up front.

Too long have Arsenal been toyed around like pins in a bowling game. Its high time they give some of it back to their opponents. In reality, it might be castles in the air if we hope of seeing either of the two Chelsea legends next season at the Emirates. But we cannot help but wonder what if it really does happen. The odds are quite high but I would rather see them stay and fight in the Premier League rather than wander off into the sunset (MLS for instance or the cash rich middle east!) and deny them the swansong they deserve in the coming years.

Source: DSG

Source: DSG