Special booking service for final two home games

Last updated : 20 January 2006 By Paul Matz
These are Tottenham (22 April, but subject to change) and Wigan (7 May).
This facility is similar to that suggested previously by AISA for big matches. There will obviously be enormous demand for these two matches, and the Club describe this facility as being "to reward Members who have most regularly attended home matches this season." More information from the site:
In order to apply for tickets for these final two Premiership matches at Highbury, Silver Members will be required to have attended a minimum number of home matches during the current 2005/06 season (the number has not yet been announced). All Members who meet the criteria will be invited to register an application within the allotted time period detailed below. Applications will only be accepted online through Arsenal.com between the following dates:

Tottenham application period: 13-27 February. Wigan application period: 6- 15 March. An application requires one credit card number and can contain up to a maximum of six members. Full details of the application process, including the requirement in terms of the minimum number of matches attended, will be posted on Arsenal.com one week in advance of the opening date for registration.
Applicants will be informed by email, advising if their application has been successful: w/c 13th March (Tottenham), w/c 3rd April (Wigan). A special telephone Helpline (0870 343 0870) has been set up by AFC to assist with any issues; this service will be in operation Monday to Friday 9.30am-5pm.