Standard Liege Fans Force Evacuation of Kings Cross Station After Letting Off Flares

King's Cross station was evacuated on Thursday afternoon, after Standard Liege fans let off a number of smoke bombs inside the premises.

The Belgian fans have arrived in droves in London ahead of their side's Europa League group stage clash with Arsenal at the Emirates, and they've already made their mark on the city. 

As reported by the Mirror, the fans, many of them adorned in jumpers emblazoned with 'red fanatics', stopped all underground lines from stopping at King's Cross and forced an entire evacuation of the station after releasing flares inside. 

A video from Lauren Gregory on Twitter showed the scene, as thousands of the fans traipsed through a cloud of red smoke, which forced the police, ambulances and fire engines to converge on the site.

A spokesperson for the British Transport Police explained: "Officers were called to Kings Cross Underground station at 1.30pm today (03/10) following reports of large numbers of football fans setting off flares.

"The station has been closed while the London Fire Brigade respond, and the football fans are being dispersed by officers."

At the same time, all tube lines connected to King's Cross revealed in tweets that no trains would be stopping at the station during its closure.

An eyewitness at the scene explained: "These men have just shut down kings cross station, throwing firecrackers and generally freaking a few people out. Jumpers say 'red fanatics'"

Another wrote on Twitter: "Love to be evacuated out of kings cross station because grown men can't behave themselves (especially) when they affiliate themselves to a group of other men who kick a spherical object around a patch of grass."

A third declared: "Got off the Victoria Line to be evacuated out of Kings Cross Station immediately because football supports are letting off gas bombs in the station and outside... kids crying outside & people trying to rush... it was manic... luckily police were there to handle the situation well."

Liege are currently second in the Belgian Pro League, and travel to north London following an opening day victory over Vitoria SC.

Source : 90min