Stan's on his way - It's just a matter of time...

Last updated : 21 July 2007 By Chris Parry
Stan Kroenke, the reclusive American billionaire who already owns around 12% of our club, doesn't say much - In fact he says very little at all.

I'd be prepared to bet however, that he has every intention of increasing his holding in the club in the near future. Once he has 30% he'll be obliged to mount a full takeover bid, in the process declaring his interest to the Stock Exchange.

If his share of the pie is combined with that of David Dein, he effectively has 26%, and given that 5% of the shares are held by hedge fund business Landsdowne - who will always sell for the right price - then it looks as though he's home and dry.

Despite the initial hostile rebuttal of Kroenke's possible plans by the current board, it would appear that their attitude has softened following meetings between the two parties in the USA recently. Whilst this doesn't mean that Hill Wood and Co. will welcome him with open arms, it might well mean that they are resigned to losing control of the club should Dein team up with the Americans.

From the fans point of view, the possible arrival of Kroenke has been received with mixed views. On the face of it, and deal that involves the return of David Dein to the club he loves should be good news, espeically given his close relationship with Arsene Wenger. No doubt the traditionalists will rue the day that the club falls into foreign hands, but in this day and age we have to move forward if we're to compete with our closest rivals.

The next few weeks will be interesting to say the least - but let's keep an open mind on the matter. We have more important things to worry about at the moment, for example is our squad strong enough to give us the good start to the season we need?