The Best Premier League XI Using Summer Signings Only

​Normally a list such as this one is done at the end of the season, however given the length of time we've been bereft of football, it might as well be over anyway.

So with that in mind, let's separate our Aaron's from our Adrian's - the latter not featuring, just for clarity - and make a Premier League starting lineup with the best signings of the summer.

We've been blessed with some stinkers and some stormers this season, and with time to reflect, let's go ahead and put out the best side we can just using summer acquisitions. 

It's likely many won't agree, but why should you? This is football patter, and nobody ever agrees.

Dean Henderson - Goalkeeper

Dean Henderson

So while he wasn't a permanent signing - and actually penned a longer deal at ​Manchester United - Dean Henderson still joined ​Sheffield United on another season-long loan and he's been nothing short of superb.

On these shores we're very easy to hype an English talent up far too early, just as we are to lambast them when they do wrong. But, in Henderson's case, he's been worthy of the calls for a starting berth in Gareth Southgate's England side. 

Only Nick Pope has kept more clean sheets this term, with the goalkeeper playing an instrumental role in orchestrating the Blades' magnificent charge for a Champions League spot. They sit seventh at present - with a game in hand - and the 23-year-old has played his part admirably.

Aaron Wan-Bissaka - Right Back

Aaron Wan-Bissaka

Another player on the cusp of the Three Lions' senior side is United's Aaron Wan-Bissaka, who has continued to impress in the full back slot since his big-money move from ​Crystal Palace.

Question marks persist over his ability going forward, but what you can't question is his knack of turning into a brick wall as soon as the opposition run at him. His defensive work rate is exemplary, rarely getting beaten by an onrushing forward.

What will be pleasing to United fans is that there is still more to come from the 22 year old, who thus far looks like money well spent.

Harry Maguire - Central Defence

Harry Maguire

Has he been that good? Or has he just improved enough since his early season uncertainty to absorb his role of captain adequately that it's altered opinions? It's somewhere in the middle, really.

You can't blame the man for taking time to adjust to the club and its surroundings, as well as the captaincy, and as well as shouldering a whopping transfer fee; but truth be told, it's his performances of late that warrant an inclusion.

Looking commanding in defence and eager to build from the back, the 'slab head' tag he's burdened with is now more often used when someone from an opposing team is miffed he's done something good - not hilariously poor. So, there's that. 

Gary Cahill - Central Defence

Gary Cahill

​All those who scoffed at the idea of taking Gary Cahill on a free transfer last summer after his release from Chelsea look a tad silly now (knowing full well I fall into this category), don't they?

He's slotted into Roy Hodgson's side effortlessly. Which, to be honest, he was always going to do because he's actually a solid defender. Who'd have thought, eh?

*Looks humiliatingly at Arsenal's defensive frailties and clenches fist* 

Jetro Willems - Left Back

Jetro Willems

How exceedingly good do you have to play to get the nod even though your season was ended back in January? Sorry, I'll rephrase that, how exceedingly crap do the other options have to be in order to make the cut?

Now that isn't wholly fair, I'll admit, because Jetro Willems did impress for ​Newcastle prior to his horror injury; in fact, he was extremely impressive. He bagged himself a couple of crackers cutting in from that left flank, showing off his neat set of skills on occasion too.

Part of a solid defence as well? You bet. Nailed on addition.

Mateo Kovačić - Central Midfield 

Mateo Kovacic

Another one that some will argue isn't exactly a summer signing, but, he did sign a permanent contract on 1 July, so, that counts. At least here it does.

​And that's a good thing too, because he gets straight into this lineup with a vastly improved showing on his first stint with ​Chelsea. Boasting fine close control and glue-like dribbling ability, Kovačić has surprised more than just his own supporters this campaign by improving his all-round play drastically.

Rodri - Central Midfield


When you stump up a club-record £63.6m, you'd better hope said player turns up on day one. Therefore it's a good thing Pep Guardiola's cash splashing paid off as his Spanish inquisition (get it?) has performed admirably in his debut season in England.

There have been a few hairy moments, sure, but I've found anyone who can adjust that smoothly having gone from experiencing a Madrid-based climate to a Manchester one is worthy of praise, regardless of football.

But oh, yeah, football, he's done that well too.

Allan Saint-Maximin - Left Winger

Allan Saint-Maximin

No, he isn't in here just because he's got an excellent social media presence.

No, he isn't in here because he rocks a headband.

No, he isn't in here purely based on having naff all other options.

Wait, no, actually it is mostly because of the latter. That isn't to say Allan Saint-Maximin is not arguably the most exciting player in the league to watch, though, because he really is. 

However, Daniel James aside - if he kept that early season from up he'd be in here - there isn't much else to choose from. The Welshman did come close, though. Like, really close.

Nicolas Pepe - Right Winger

Nicolas Pepe

Which moves us swiftly over to exhibit B: Nicolas Pepe.

Costing less than the entirety of Palace's squad or - painfully or humorously depending on where your allegiances lie - Olympiacos', it's very easy to point the finger at the Ivorian.

Has he justified his £72m price tag this season? Nope. Has he looked good on occasion and contributed with ten goal involvements in 24 ​Premier League outings? Nope....Oh, wait, he has? Fair enough, that'll do.

Gabriel Martinelli - Striker


Ahead of the inevitable 'but he's a winger' talk, Gabriel Martinelli was signed as a striker last summer - since that's where he played throughout his time in Brazil.

Unai Emery made it clear he preferred the forward on the left flank, as did Freddie Ljungberg, and, well, Mikel Arteta too, but he has actually played in the centre forward role this season and, as Rio Ferdinand attests to, he's doing a damn fine job.

Martinelli is a serious talent already, let alone ' one in the making', and whether his career ends up being out wide or down the middle, he's excelled in both thus far. More importantly, though, in the Premier League this season. the whole point of this list in the first place.

Disclaimer: Danny Ings would've taken this spot had his initial loan deal from Liverpool not already included a clause to become permanent last summer. Very unlucky indeed.

Ayoze Perez - Striker

Ayoze Perez

A solid mention goes to Neal Maupay on this one. However, if you ask the question of who you'd rather have in your team of these two based on this season's performances, then Ayoze Perez gets the nod.

Of course, his 11 goal involvements just pips Maupay's ten, but it's the all-round trickery of the Spaniard and link-up play that has become an adequate addition to Brendan Rodgers' ​Leicester side.

It's worth mentioning he started the season quite poorly, but has since taken on board the style and philosophy and complements ​Jamie Vardy in attack where so many others have failed.

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Source : 90min