The Riders of the Night - 'We're The Clock End, Highbury' CD

Last updated : 06 May 2006 By Chris Parry

"Eyes Right..." is a Punk tribute to Arsenal Legends past and memorable moments in our Club's history. Featuring the classic old Clock End chant.

"The Midnight Patrol" takes you on a Tripnotic journey through the 70's & '80s and the bad old days of football, when supporting your team was a different scenario to the "Entertainment for the whole family" experience of today. It may not have been pleasant, but it happened.

"The Original Gooner" tells the story of how the word Gooner became part of the English language. The starting point to how we became known as "Gooners", told by the original Gooner himself.

You can listen to the tracks for Free, or download them for a small fee at:

Hardcopies of the CD are also available priced at £5 on eBay or by contacting

Let's see if we can make "Eyes Right..." the official supporters Anthem for Paris.