The Switch Asks Arsenal's Leah Williamson What's on Her Quarantine Playlist

​If social media is anything to go by - and we know it definitely isn't - we’re all running out of things to do already. You’ve been jogging, tried a few home workouts, played hours of Call of Duty Warzone but it’s just not cutting it.

So to try and ease your boredom and, let’s be honest, ours, we’ve reached out to some of our mates in the game to ask them what music they are jamming to to get them through these uncertain and boring times. If nothing else, it'll hopefully give us all something to listen to while we're jogging because, and I really mean this, jogging sucks; who knew?

First up, Arsenal's very own Leah Williamson; who comes through with more Afrobeat than we were expecting. 

Fair play. Over to you, Leah:

The Weeknd / Blinding Lights

'Blinding lights is an absolute banger at the minute and it gets you moving, even when you’re not thinking about it, which is the perfect song for when I’m changing.'

Sigma / Nobody to Love

'This is one of my favourite tunes ever. It will always be on any list. Literally in my top 5 songs of all-time.'

Fleetwood Mac / Everywhere

'It’s a classic and everyone knows the words so it’s perfect for the environment, it gets everyone upbeat. At Arsenal Lisa (Evans), Mitch and Jordan (Nobbs) love the classics.'

Blinkie / Don’t give up on love  -- Strike / U sure do

Joel Corry / Lonely -- Lushington / You got me baby

'They’re all dance classics and everyone loves a feel good tune. Everybody can have a good dance and enjoy the beat as well. When I’m with the Lionesses Rachel Daly loves a bit of dance music, and Lucy Staniforth tells me she loves ‘U Sure Do’ every time it comes on. Katie Mccabe is big on dance music and so is Louise Quinn. Toni Duggan loves a good classic as well.'

Afro B / Drogba (Joanna) 

Roddy Ricch / The box 

Darkoo One Cen / Gangsta

'These are proper good tunes in terms of the girls. At Arsenal I have to educate the girls a little bit on the Afrobeat side of things, except for Lia Walti, she loves the Afrobeat songs. As for Lisa Evans, ‘Drogba’ is one of her favourite songs and Kate Mccabe loves that kind of music as well, so that always has to be in the mix.

'With the Lionesses, Kiera Walsh is a big fan. Lucy Bronze is big on Afrobeat and especially French music as well, Keets (Nikita Parris) and Alex Greenwood love it as well now that they’re over there.'

To listen to Leah's full playlist check out our Spotify channel which you can find ​right here.

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Source : 90min