The way I see it – Arsenal v Dinamo Kyiv

Last updated : 04 November 2003 By Jason Hogan
Looking at the papers over the weekend, the fact that we actually beat Leeds was almost by the by. Instead, the main topic of discussion within the articles I read centred around the Champions League and our ill-fated record in it thus far this season. Now, I may not be the brightest person ever to walk the face of the earth but what relevance did our record in the Champions League have in relation to Saturday's game?

Even when they finally managed to bring themselves round to actually mentioning the game itself, they still managed to give a typically warped view. Depending on which paper you read some of the press went as far as accusing Leeds of rolling out a red carpet for us or hoisting the white flag of surrender.

Well once again my friends, here we have yet more ready-made proof that if the press and the media have little or nothing to say about the Gunners, we must be doing something right.

I know this sounds patronising but for the first time in my life, I felt more sorry for the Leeds fans in truth. If they had seen their team roll over so easily on Saturday, why was it that they were still singing their heads off despite the fact they were 4-0 down?

Yes, there was a touch of defiance in their gesture given the state that the moneymen have allowed the club to get into but at the same time I also think that they also appreciated that whilst the team put on the pitch before them on Saturday may have lacked the quality of Leeds teams of the past but, contrary to reports, they didn't throw the towel in and kept going as best they could.

In fact, having listened to the game and then watched the highlights on TV, I honestly thought that the only thing that Leeds were truly guilty of (if that's the right word) was being a little over committed and perhaps trying too hard which in turn led to them getting a little overexposed at times. At best, you could say that they were guilty of a little naivety but their intentions were nothing less than honest from what I could see.

As for the Arsenal, well, as every Gooner knows, it's hard to win matches in the Premiership and as a club it's even harder to get any credit for actually doing it.

I have to give the lads a huge amount of credit for their efforts on Saturday. I meant it when I said (before the game) that you don't get results, under ANY circumstances, at Elland Road just by turning up. It's simply not that sort of place.

So, for us to go out and do the kind of job on Leeds that a certain team from Old Trafford twice failed to do in recent days says a lot more than certainly the papers would have you believe.

Looking now to Wednesday and the return match against Dynamo Kiev I don't really think that I can tell my fellow Gooners anything that they don't really know to be honest.

It's put up or shut up time for Arsenal. We have had far too many hard luck stories to tell over the years and even I have got to the stage now where I am fed up of either hearing them or telling them.

Still, I will be there at Highbury on Wednesday night for better or for worse. Let's hope that the boys can produce some fireworks of their own on the night.