The way I see it - Arsenal v Tottenham

Last updated : 07 November 2003 By Jason Hogan

Then all of a sudden I looked down to the front of the stand and there was this gorgeous brunette acting as a steward and suddenly my mood lifted to such an extent I instantly took back my initial thought.

Indeed, as things turned out, stealing the odd glance at this young lady almost had a calming effect in the face of the frustration and anxiety that was building up inside me as the match went on.

As usual, chances were made and spurned and with four and a half minutes to go I remember looking at the clock running down on the Jumbotron thinking that as soon the clock stops I was getting out of the ground a bit lively - gorgeous stewardess or not.

Then, with barely two minutes left, salvation finally came in the form of Ashley Cole (who else!!!) and all the pent up anxiety gave way to sheer relief and in my joy I nearly throttled the chap sitting next to me. Sorry mate!!

So, after another emotional roller coaster ride, we've finally rediscovered what it feels like to win in the Champions League and suddenly we have half a chance (and I mean half a chance) of making the last 16.

With Inter faltering in the group of late the game in the San Siro takes on a genuine meaning.

The Italians won't want to go to Kiev in the middle of December needing a result to guarantee qualification - so we will BOTH have something to play for in just under three weeks time. Game on, methinks!!!

And so to Saturday when we meet that lot from up the road (he says rubbing his hands together in anticipation). Now normally as rule I try to stay objective in my point of view when talking about forthcoming matches but this is an exception.

There are only two questions I ask myself whenever we meet “them”- firstly, do feel a sense of anticipation? Yeah, just a little. Secondly, do I expect us to win? The answer to that is DAMN RIGHT!!

The only factor that may temper my expectations ever so slightly would be if Freddie Kanoute were to be passed fit for Saturday.

Now I know that some Gooners may laugh when I say this but cast your minds back about 18 months. Kanoute was playing for West Ham when we met them at Highbury en route to the double in 2002. We may have won the game 2-0 but not before this guy had given us the runaround for a good hour or so.

What I'm driving at is that when he brings his “A” game to the table he can be a handful to deal with and I for one will be fairly pleased if he doesn't play any part on Saturday.

This leaves “them” with only Robbie Keane as their only obviously recognisable threat. To be fair, I think the lad has plenty going for him yet it has always intrigued me as to why he has never really found a club where he could lay down some firm foundations for himself.

The other thing that intrigues me about him is whether he will ever become a really prolific goalscorer? I think that he will be around the 15-20-goal mark again this season which is not too shabby but when you think that most of the top clubs have a striker capable of banging in 30 goals or more, season in and season out, then it's difficult to then see how Keane and his club are going to move on to bigger and better things.

Still, it's up to “them” to figure out a route to the top, not me I'm proud to say and I am looking for us to round off what has so far been an excellent week with style.

A repeat of last year will do me very nicely!!!