Those records for the season - Numbers 1-47!

Last updated : 23 May 2002 By Chris Parry

Arsenal Achievements in 2001-02 season

1) Won the Double (League & FA Cup)
2) Won the Under-19s League
3) Won the Ladies League
4) Double Manager of the year (Wenger : Premiership & Manager's Manager)
5) Writers Player of the year (Pires)
6) Barclaycard Player of the Year (Ljungberg)
7) Golden Boot (Henry)
8) Goal of the season (Bergkamp)
9) Groundsman of the year (Paul Burgess)
10) Record - for scoring in consecutive league matches (38 and previous was 31) – 39 if we include last game from last season
11) Record - Undefeated away from home (19, 14 wins 5 draws, previous was 11 in 1889)
12) Record - Consecutive league wins (13 previous 12)
13) Record – consecutive away wins (8, previous 7)
14) We have beaten our previous points record (87, previous 78)
15) Record – open the scoring in 27 games
16) Record – first captain to win championship in 3 different decades
17) Only Team to win the title in the last 4 decades
18) Tony Adams is only the 3rd captain in history to lift the FA CUP on 3 different occasions since Jack Seddon for Bolton in '23, '26 and '29 and Brian Robson on 1983, 85 and 1990
19) Only conceded 11 goals away from home
20) 22 different players picking up medals
21) Three different goalies picking up medals
22) Pires equalling the most assists in a premiership season (even though he was injured on 23rd March and missed the rest of the season)
23) Equal record of FA Cup appearances (15)
24) Freddie scored in 2 consecutive FA Cup final games in 41 years (Jones of tottescum was the last one)
25) Beaten the next 3 teams (Liverpool, Man U and Newcastle) away from home
26) Won the Championship at Old Trafford
27) First team to win 3 Championship at the grounds of its 3 biggest rivals i.e. tottescum 1971 (although its difficult to refer to them as rivals these days), Liverpool (1989) and Man U (2002)
28) Won 3 doubles (along with manure), 4 including the cup double of 1993
29) Won 3 doubles in 3 different decades. This shows great teams in different generations, unlike manure who did theirs with the same team.
30) Won the league 37 points ahead of tottescum (proof that they have their tottescum back) and 10 points ahead of manure. Also finished 7 points higher than manure did last season for those that dare to say that manure lost rather than Arsenal won it.
31) Vieira won more tackles (see OPTA results) than any other player in the league – I wonder what the Vieira critics are saying now ?
32) Henry finished as the top striker based on the OPTA results.
33) Henry finished as the top player based on the OPTA results with Pires 2nd.
34) Played more than 17 hours of football without conceding a goal from free play. This record was only spoiled (by Everton) when Wenger decided to give the normal defence a well deserved rest
35) Finished the season with best goal difference (+43) despite manure being +7 ahead with about 5 games to go. So much about manures hopes that would collapse under pressure.
36) Won the league despite having suffered more injuries than any other club. 19 players missed matched due to injuries including 2 broken legs (Keown and Upson), 2 ligaments (Van Bronclhorst & Pires), long term injuries to all three goalies, players such as Adams & Dixon only played a handful of games due to injuries etc.
37) Anti-Arsenal attitude by some referees that cost us points and players sent-off e.g. Poll (v Newcastle), Durkin (v Liverpool) etc.
38) Started a new football song, Freddie, which no doubt will be used by fans throughout the world in the future.
39) 5 different players scored in double figures (Henry 32, Ljungberg 17, Wiltord, 17, Bergkamp 14, Pires 13)
40) Not lost on a Saturday
41) English double-winner Arsenal rises to No. 1 this week in the CNN/World Soccer Top 10, unseating Champions League finalist Real Madrid
42) First team to win the double by winning the FA Cup first
43) Winning the double twice on the same date i.e. 8th May 1971 & 2002.
44) Won the double in 2 different centuries and 2 different millenniums
45) Won the double while winning the FA Cup outside England
46) Most appearances at the millennium stadium
47) Vieira equals the French record for consecutive (36) appearances

Not bad eh?!