Wanted: Total commitment on Tuesday

Last updated : 03 May 2009 By Brian Dawes
On our greatest ever European night at Highbury we had a two goal deficit to overcome and we did it. As one of those in attendance I can tell you that Fairs Cup night was very special indeed and was made all the more so by the fans all went home deliriously happy, emotionally drained and totally horse. If they went home at all that is. That team was lead by a warrior, his name was Frank McLintock and it was his drive that saw us through but it was very much a team effort on a night when a team came of age. It was also a night when the fans came of age with some stunning support that was matched on the pitch by the result. The fans played a huge part in that team effort because they were part of the team.

In order for Tuesday to be an equally memorable night we the fans, that is to say any and all the privileged supporters attending on the night, need to impose ourselves on the team, the stadium and the event itself. We need to show the commitment and brilliant support that our away fans did at Old Trollop. We need to drive our team to victory. We should be in the Manc's faces and more importantly in their ears for every second of the 90+ minutes and no one should go home without having given their all for the team. If your throat is knackered for a week then so what, it will have been worth it. Anyone who doesn't do their bit for the team by with absolute support throughout shouldn't be there. Any whinging wannabe's sitting near you who don't participate should receive a mouthful early doors. Anyone slagging off any of our players at any point during the match should be put firmly in their place. This is our team's chance to make yet more history, but is also our chance to say this is our home ground, this is our fortress and this is how we support our side. It is our chance to show the whole of Europe that their teams would be best advised to wear brown shorts should they ever get to play Arsenal away.

We need a Fairs Cup night at our new place. We have to want it, we have to make it happen and we can.

It's up to each and every one of you as an individual Arsenal fan to give your all, to encourage others to give their all and to encourage the team to give their all.

So thank you in advance for all the noise you are going to make, I'm looking forward to it.