Wenger - Referee should have taken action against Mills

Last updated : 10 January 2004 By Chris Parry
Arsene Wenger was also none too pleased with the unsporting behaviour and blatant gamesmanship of the slaphead defender, who tried pushing his weight around and generally acting the idiot as Thierry Henry tried to take the penalty.

He said after the game: "He tried to use the trick to upset the penalty-taker. I can understand that but I think he was a little bit insistent in the way that he tried to disturb Thierry.

"It's disruptive as you're under huge pressure when you take a penalty. When a guy walks in front of you, I think the referee should take action and give him a yellow card or at least tell him to go away."

Even his own team mates looked none too impressed towards the end of the game as Maccaroni prepared to take their penalty - he had to shove Mills out of the way in order to put the ball on the spot!

Let's hope he continues to provide the entertainment in the next three games!