Wenger angered by Jol the liar

Last updated : 22 April 2006 By Chris Parry
Scum by name, scum by nature - That about sums it up for me - But here's what Wenger had to say following the game:

"They collided with each other it is true, and with a player from Tottenham. Whether they collided with one of our players or not, when they went down we kicked the ball out. It does not matter with whom you collide."

"Do you really believe you cannot see that? It was right in front of the bench. Carrick had a hesitation whether to kick the ball out or not? Why? When we had two players down.

"They even lie about that and I find that very disappointing. Okay it is their responsibility to behave like they behaved, but I find that very, very disappointing. From English football, it is the first time I have seen that, and in a crucial game.

"It is difficult to take. You can write what you want, but I do not accept that. There is a rule in England that accepts that when somebody is down, and they have stayed down after, we kicked the ball out and gave it them back, so I do not know why they could not do that? It is very disappointing.

"He said he did not see it - but frankly I do not believe it that he did not see it."

Jol's comments were typically stupid and not worthy of reproduction here. The man is a tool.