Wenger: 'Bentley has confidence in abundance'

Last updated : 25 January 2004 By Chris Parry

He said in his post-match interview:

"Bentley scored a great goal. I believe that he has a bit of the characteristics of Bergkamp, who is his idol. He has a good role model there and I hope he can follow him, but we have to let him grow and mature. There are movements there of a talented player though.

"If a young boy comes on for five minutes and chips the keeper, you cannot say he lacks confidence. He has that in abundance - especially as it was with his left foot as he's a right-footed player.

"I believe he has more of the characteristics of a central, supportive striker rather than a wide player but, when you're young, you play wherever the manager puts you. That's part of growing up."

Bergkamp also had something to say on the subject:

"He reminds me of myself in certain decision-taking on the pitch and how to move. When he was controlling the ball, I was thinking 'Chip the keeper'. That's what came up in his mind as well. So he's got that football knowledge.

"He can get stronger and develop his pace but there's so much talent there. He can also score goals so he should have a great future. He's not afraid not to do something wrong, that's the main thing for a young player - not to have any fear. If you don't try a chip like that, you'll never succeed.

"That was the best piece of advice I ever received, from Johann Cruyff on my debut at Ajax, telling me just to play my own game."