Wenger fuming over Diaby's broken ankle

Last updated : 02 May 2006 By Chris Parry
He raged after the game:

"Diaby looks to have a very serious injury, and that is in my opinion a shame because it was a bad kick and an unnecessary one. It hasn't been diagnosed, the only thing we know is it's a very serious ankle injury. We will take him to hospital tonight here.

"It's a big blow to lose a player like that. It's one thing to lose the player, but the other thing is I believe the spirit of the way he has been kicked - and Fabregas a few times - is just not acceptable. That's the most difficult to take for me, and of course I feel very sorry for him because he has worked very hard to come back.

"When you play football and you play against people who do not try to play, it's very difficult to take. An accident can happen and you will accept that, but the way this happened is not acceptable.

"On one side, I'm very happy with the players and the way they played, but on the other hand it's sad because you can see players can damage their career just because some people are on the pitch and do not even try to play football.

"It's part of respecting the game. If an accident happens because both go for the ball and play with the right spirit it's okay, but what happened there is just not acceptable. The only one who didn't see it as a red card was the referee."