Wenger: 'I am not in the market for any new players'

Last updated : 26 August 2007 By Chris Parry

He said:

"I was worried a bit but the side is ready to fight until the last second. The defenders had a lot of work to do and they did it very well.

"Eventually Fabregas came through and the midfield is getting goals now. We won with style, against a good side and we defended very well. We created chances but even when things didn't go for us we kept going.

"We won in the last seconds at Fulham, we scored a second goal at Prague in the dying moments, we missed a penalty and still won the game here. That is a recognition of what is going on in this team and how we are progressing.

He also responded in the usual fashion to the inevitable question regarding last-minute additions to the squad..."

"I am not in the market for any new players."

So that's that it would appear!