Wenger: 'I could never see one minute of doubt in his mind'

Last updated : 17 February 2009 By Chris Parry
"He had a good game for his first game back. When you have such a long time out, it's difficult to be patient, to come in every day and see everyone else play. He had to deal with a lot of frustrations.

"I believe - as any striker - he can contribute and help us to win games. He has the perfect spirit, he is talented and is intelligent.

"Of course everybody is happy for him but I believe it was a good team performance, dynamic, convincing, mobile with the kind of game we love to play.

"Eduardo played a big part in that and everybody is of course pleased for him tonight.

"He made a big step forward two weeks ago where you could see he found sharpness in front of goal, in his runs, got rid of a bit of apprehension in the tackling.

"He's been extremely strong mentally (during the past year). I could never see one minute of doubt in his mind or one minute where he said, 'no, today I don't want to do it."