Wenger: 'I think Lucasz had a good game'

Last updated : 03 May 2010 By Chris Parry

"There is no purpose to play the ball from the Blackburn players - they don't even watch the ball," he said.

"Fabianski had two players in front of him all the time and every time it was to stop him getting the ball. In football when you don't go for the ball and you stop the keeper going for the ball it is a foul.

"I think the referee cannot allow that. I am very disappointed the referee lets that happen in a football game, it is unfair to a goalkeeper.

"Blackburn do it well but when you feel that as a referee you have to give more protection. It doesn't take away the fact we weren't good but that is completely unfair."

"I think Lucasz had a good game - it should affect the confidence of the referee".