Wenger: 'If we find the right players we will spend the money'

Last updated : 22 May 2011 By Chris Parry

"It was an average game and in the end we felt the disappointment with fourth place because three weeks ago we were in the position to win the league.

"Of course we didn't lose our top three place today, we lost it last week and that is why in the end we have to go through a qualifier."

Wenger is expected to spend in the summer as he looks to bring in some reinforcements to help the young squad fulfil their potential.

"We had accumulated disappointments which had a big impact on the morale of the team," he said.

"We are frustrated, disappointed, but as well we have not to go overboard and think that our team is not good.

"We have to rectify some things in our squad and will try to do it but it's not easy, even with money, but we will try to do it."

"Even if people say you have to spend money we have to be realistic. We can't buy players for £50million. That is a fact. The amount of money is not always linked with the quality of player.

"First you have to find the right players and then turn up with the money - but if we find the right players we will spend the money."

"We have to face many comments, but I have enough experience that the club is in a healthy financial situation and we have got the basis of the team - but we know we want to be stronger next year."