Wenger: 'In the second half it was just a matter of time'

Last updated : 03 January 2010 By Chris Parry

"We had a very difficult first half, against a committed West Ham side who were committed and got caught on the break. In the second half we played at a higher tempo and could make the difference in the final 20 minutes."

"Ramsey improves from game to game. I set him a target at the start of the season to play between 15 and 20 games. It looks like he will get that very quickly."

"It is not so much for the title race that Manchester United have an advantage not to go through, it is more in the Champions League that it is a little bit conflicting with the FA Cup.

"When you look at the fifth round, it is just before a Champions League game and before that, we all play in midweek. At the moment, it is not an advantage for Manchester United in the Premier League, but in the Champions League it can become a little advantage."

"It doesn't really matter who we are drawn against. Where we go is not really important; if we turn up with a good performance we can win anywhere."

"We were a bit unfortunate, our first half we lost many balls and were unfortunate to concede a goal just before half time, but after that, in the second half it was just a matter of time."