Wenger: 'It is important we go from strength to strength'

Last updated : 26 January 2011 By Chris Parry

I get the same question every time, so I say 'we try to win everything we can', but on the other hand it can more get the pressure off the team to deliver in the other competitions. It is not the only target we have of the season, we have even bigger targets, but it can help us to achieve the other targets."

"What I am convinced is we will go with the same heart for everything. We have a chance to deliver, but it will be down to delivering the needed performance on the day. That is part of mental strength as well."

"The players were really up for it and focused. We needed to be patient, calm and mature - and you have to credit Ipswich as they defended with great spirit.

"It means a lot for the team and they deserve to be rewarded for a fantastic attitude."

"This team is hungry for success. You could see they kept going and refused to show any weakness."

"For us it is the perfect night. Our season depends on our performances, our results and our consistency. We do not have to focus on Manchester United or anybody else. We are team who has taken off a while ago and are consistent now.

"It is important we go from strength to strength - if we are capable to do that, then we have a chance."