Wenger: 'It was good to finish well and have the crowd happy'

Last updated : 24 May 2009 By Chris Parry
"We want to extend the contract of Robin. It is the priority to extend the contract of Nicklas Bendtner as well. The basic problem is to get round the table. We did that already a few times but we always got delayed afterwards. Robin wants to stay, he wants basically to stay. But he still has two years to go."

"After a dodgy start, in the last 23 games we lost just once, so the team is moving forwards. The question we have to analyse now is are we strong enough like that to win the championship next year? If not, what do we need to add to the squad? That is the basic question we need to answer."

"There is some great quality here, that is for sure, the squad is very young, so it is about what is needed to be added next year to challenge for the championship. It is important not to go into conclusions today. I have to analyse well and then make decisions after."

"It was good to finish well and have the crowd happy, because the team have played during the whole season in a difficult position. After the Manchester United and Chelsea games here, it was important for us not to play sloppy and give a message out that we can come back next year and be strong."

"It makes me feel appreciated and even more regretful that we could not give them what they wanted this season. I am very respectful for the faith they have in me and it makes you even more determined to pay them back."