Wenger: 'It will be a test now for us in the second leg'

Last updated : 03 April 2008 By Chris Parry

"There was a blatant penalty. It was not given - and just under the eyes of the referee.

"This sort of thing has happened to us frequently - and with the referee that close, it should have been given. If he is in a bad position we can see why it wasn't given, but he was so close to Kuyt and still didn't give the penalty. It is difficult to understand why it wasn't given.

"I feel we were not rewarded for what we produced.To finish that game 1-1 is disappointing. We produced the performances we wanted and we had the chances to win it.

"Liverpool created very little, and the whole second half was played in one half. I cannot fault my players - we were unlucky on several occasions."

"It will be a test now for us in the second leg, but we should have won. Kuyt played virtually as a second right-back for much of the game, and they defended well all over the pitch.

"But you could see that the players have given a lot recently. In a game like that you do not create 20 chances - you may get four or five. We did manage to make that amount of chances - and just didn't take them.

"We were punished by their one really good opportunity - and we did not take ours."

"We were caught on the counter-attack, and credit to Steven Gerrard - because he showed a tough of class by creating that goal, but even then the ball was deflected into the six-yard area. It made it difficult for us to defend.

"Gerrard played well, but they sat deep and just waited for the counter-attack. But he is the ideal player to find when you have won the ball and want to counter. He had a good game, because we threw men forward.

"But if you look at our amount of possession compared to Liverpool, it is frightening that we could only come out of it with a 1-1.