Wenger: 'It's all down to how well you respond'

Last updated : 28 December 2015 By Chris


On Ozil:

"Look at the numbers on the assists and they speak for him. Yes he reminds me of Bergkamp. Bergkamp was more of a goalscorer than him and Ozil is more about assists, but now Ozil is becoming more of a goalscorer, so they are really comparable.

"I have seen a few good games from Ozil. What's important is that he's convincing everyone that he's not just a very talented player, but someone who is ready to work very hard for the team.

"Overall he is the complete player. I've not seen many players of his quality. He's an exceptional player and you have to give me credit - I always defended that point of view even when people were sceptical.

"What's important is that he becomes as good as he can be, and he is on the way to doing that. At the moment he's absolutely fantastic.

"Mesut was the focal point of our team against Bournemouth because we had a new midfield again. He was the guy who gave reassurance with his technical security and fluidity. He gives the team confidence."

On Cech:

"Petr can be very proud because it's a remarkable achievement. People don't realise how much commitment, focus and consistency is behind that. On top of that he's a remarkably gifted goalkeeper. Of course, he's comparable with David Seaman."

On the game:

"You can't go from the start of the season to the end without experiencing disappointment at some stage. Southampton was a big one."

"It's all down to how well you respond and that's what was at stake in this game."