Wenger: 'It's far from over yet'

Last updated : 29 February 2004 By Chris Parry
After the win today he said:

"We're in a good position but it's far from being over yet. Seven games ago, we were three points behind Manchester United and there are still 11 to go. We still have tricky games at Fulham, Tottenham, Newcastle and Blackburn, and, after the battle in the second-half here, I would certainly not think that the championship is over. Far from it.

"The only good thing is that it's down to how well we play and how well we keep things going. When we're in this position, everyone will say it's done and then the tendency is to lose that a bit of the edge and sharpness that's needed in every game.

"You could become tense if people say you could only lose it. You just have to focus on the next game and forget all the rest."