Wenger: 'Once again we found the resources to win the game'

Last updated : 24 November 2007 By Chris Parry
"Wigan played well defensively. We needed something special and some patience to find an opening, and Gallas found it. He is a forgotten centre-forward because he knows where to be in the box and he can always turn up with a goal when you need it.

"Once again we found the resources to win the game. It is not the first time, so I do not feel it is a coincidence.

"Theo does not look bad. The physio told me he had to come off straight away because he was numb as he had been kicked on the nerve. He twisted his ankle and we checked on a X-ray, and he looks all right.

"You lose a bit of fluency but I do not feel it is due to a lack of quality in midfield it is down to the fact they defended extremely well. I must say I was surprised how long they did last without giving us an inch and how tight they could mark for 90 minutes.

"It was amazing and the real opening came only once we had scored. Once again we kept patience and had to speed the game up.

"The three point gap is good for us because it strengthens our belief that we can compete at the top and we need that. We have a strong December and every point we can be ahead at the moment can be very good for us."