Wenger: 'Our mental and physical strength was tested again tonight'

Last updated : 20 January 2010 By Chris Parry

"We had two difficult games against Bolton with a new manager, two cup games almost, and our mental and physical strength was tested again tonight. We are certainly much more physically resistant.

"You cannot find a team better than Bolton in doing what they did tonight - they marked us man to man, didn't give us an inch of space. Physically, you are never better tested than against Bolton."

"I am sorry if the tackle was not good, and I apologise. However, to complain that we went on to play, I think that is unfair. The players did not even know what was happening behind them, whether the player has got up again or not.

"I don't believe you can kick the ball out every time a player is down when you win the ball. That is why they changed the rules.

"Remember Everton: I did not think they should have kicked the ball out, and it was a much more obvious situation. I said it was okay and they might have gone 3-1 up."

"We got some tackles, some big ones, but we had to cope with it. I am sorry if it is a foul, but it didn't look dirty from outside."