Wenger: 'Part of our mental focus went'

Last updated : 07 October 2007 By Chris Parry

"After 15 minutes, the game looked to be easy and maybe we convinced ourselves of that as well. Part of our mental focus went - when you do that at this level, you pay for it.

"At the end of the day it was a good lesson for us maturing, because again we still found the resources which showed that there is something in the team which is really strong. It was the first time since we were at the top of the league that we had been a bit challenged."

"Frankly, it was a third goal. I do not know how he could disallow that goal. It certainly would have changed the game completely at 3-0. You can only live with the decisions which are made.

"In the end we found the third goal, which always looked like it was coming, but sometimes you never know."

"I felt that we needed some pace to go in behind them, and Theo gave us something which certainly helped determine the result today."

"It is too early, but what is a good sign is there is a great resilience in the team and that they do not panic. The potential is there to be very good, but the competition at that level in the Premier League is very difficult.

"We still had problems against Sunderland, who are down the league, and that shows we have to stay humble and work for each other."