Wenger: 'Red card was a complete joke'

Last updated : 16 April 2003 By Chris Parry

Arsene said:

"Sol is destroyed as he can't understand it. Everyone who knows him in the dressing-room knows that he didn't touch Solskjaer on purpose. What is his interest in doing Solskjaer with an elbow? He had the ball and just wanted to gain an extra yard to give the ball by pushing his arm out, which 99 per cent of players do.

"I can show you some straight elbows against us, which were really dangerous, but this was definitely an accidental one. I'm very disappointed. In training, I've seen him in extreme situations. He doesn't hit or kick anyone. It's a complete joke.

He went on to make a barbed comment which clearly alluded to the considerable number of offences of this type that United players (particularly Ruud Van Wankyboy and David Beckham) get away with.

"Frankly, I still can't believe it. I would love us to play Manchester United again and a linesman to do that to Manchester United as I've never seen it."