Wenger says that Vieira can go if he wants to

Last updated : 09 August 2004 By Chris Parry
Wenger admitted that he doesn't yet know whether Vieira is prepared to commit himself to Arsenal or not, saying:

"I am not resigned to let that story go on. I think it will be sorted out before the start of the season. As I have said, my intention is to keep him. He has given eight fantastic years for the club.

"He has proved something that is fantastic and I want him to be part of the future of this team, but I want him to be clear in his mind, whether his heart is with us or not. Our intention is very clear. Only he can come out and clarify the situation now, and he needs to do that very quickly."

Wenger continued: "He is a player I respect because every game he has played for me he has done at the maximum. His commitment is not a question mark for me - he has always been outstanding in that, but before the start of the season we want the captain to be focussed on what the team wants to achieve."

"My intention is clear, for him to stay and us to keep him - but if he chooses not to stay, then we have to find different solutions. I am positive that we can do well."

"If Patrick is focused to leave there will be an open door."

That last sentence would appear to be crystal clear - Quite rightly, Wenger wants 100 percent commitment or nothing. I am convinced that he has a contingency plan in case Vieira elects to walk, but I have to confess that I'm not entirely sure what it is!

From my point of view, I'd like to see him show some loyalty and stay at Arsenal, however if he isn't prepared to do that and wants out, then I'd be happy to see him leave.