Wenger: The semi will be a 50/50 game

Last updated : 06 April 2006 By Chris Parry
He said after the game:

"I felt that overall we controlled the game well - as long as Juve did not score the game was not really on because we did not need to come out. The final turning point was, when we were under pressure, Nedved was sent off - then the game was over."

"We missed chances as well, which would have killed the game off. We also had put doubt in Juve's mind in the first leg and they never really recovered from that."

"I am happy for the club and the players because every year we were expected to do well in the Champions League, but were not there in the final four. This year nobody expected us to be there and we are there. We have been in positions which were easier to get through before and did not - but this year we have."

"In the end maybe people felt I was the handicap, so I am relieved for that. Now we have a big appetite and want to play well against Villarreal.

"You are in the semi-final, with two unexpected teams. It will be a 50-50 game, maybe the media will put us under a bit more pressure than before, but for me that will not be a problem."

"I have felt for years that we left a lot of strength in England, by combining the FA Cup and (league) championship, that we missed out a bit in the Champions League. It looks like we were bit lucky because we did not play (before Real Madrid) as we were out of the FA Cup, then did not play at Portsmouth (before Juventus, because the match was postponed) - so I will see what we can do before Villarreal!"