Wenger: 'There is still more to come from this team'

Last updated : 24 October 2007 By Chris Parry

"If you look across the country, you complain that you do not have many strikers - Theo is one of them. I believe he has the talent - that is why he is at Arsenal. The problem is not to hurry too much.

"He has good ingredients in him. He is intelligent, has fantastic pace - and his technique is improving. But you need to be patient."

"The players enjoy the way they play, at a high tempo - and that is a joy to watch. Overall there is a happiness in the team to play together.

"There is still more to come from this team. Can we keep our humility and feet on the ground? Can we continue to enjoy what we do? Then I feel we can develop.

"We have seen some great performances, but still everyone is improving."

"We just remind everybody that two months ago I was crazy not to buy players and we were not even rated to be in the top seven. We have no reason to be carried away, because exactly the same people who will now say we can win the European Cup said we would finish 15th two months ago.

"We have to be realistic and just prepare for the next game and show we can win it."

"What is important tonight is to praise the players who have done well - and 60,000 people go home happy, having watched good football."