Wenger: 'van Persie's goal will be a turning point for us'

Last updated : 31 October 2004 By Chris Parry
He said:

"Southampton were well disciplined in defence but what I was worried about before the game was a hangover from last week. The defeat was a big shock to us and you could see it wasn't out of their system today. Therefore our passing was more laboured, it was not sharp and didn't have the same quick vision. It was less spontaneous.

"Unless we scored three in the first 20 minutes I knew it would happen. Even at one goal up the way we conceded the goals was really surprising. It was too easy for them to score. We were not in the fight for the ball. I am very worried about the goals we are conceding, but we found the mental resources not to lose and the way the game went I was happy with a point.

"We did not find our fluency. I would say that had we lost today it would have put us in a confidence crisis. In the end we could have won it by two or three even by being average today.

"I think van Persie's goal will be a turning point for us. I don't think it was anything to do with motivation, it was a shock for us to lose a game last week.

"We did not bounce back straight away. We didn't find our sharp passing game."