Wenger: 'We have good momentum and I like that'

Last updated : 21 October 2007 By Chris Parry
"He has found the injection of pace he had before and he uses his body better. When you see what he brings when he came on, you are very excited. I see him playing through the middle eventually, but I played Hleb there today because there was so little space.

"Certainly Theo has benefited mentally rather than 'footballistically', but maturity-wise it helped him. He saw how little forgiveness there is when you don't perform. As a young kid, you don't imagine football is like that.

"You need to give people time and allow them to see what's important in the game. Everything was new for him last year, but he is growing into a man now. It has all happened very quickly and now he has realised things are not always easy in life and football.

"I wasn't worried because it looked like his feet were on the ground. He has character. He looks like he's not naturally aggressive, but he responds when he has to."

"We have good momentum and I like that. We built the success with patience, a high tempo and handling our nerves. The game was hectic, so it was important we kept calm and kept playing. That was a good sign of maturity."

"Bolton have upset us in previous years. They were resilient today, and they have lots of tricks - Campo, Nolan, McCann, they have all gone through a lot. They know when to foul, when to pull the shirt so it was important not to lose our nerve."