Wenger: 'We should have won this game' - too right we should!

Last updated : 06 January 2013 By Chris

He said after ther game:

"It was a penalty and the referee saw it. Do you know why he did not give it? Because he thought the guy had not done it on purpose, and I also think it was accidental.

"But Ramsey did not trip himself, he was caught clearly by the leg of the Swansea player. The referee hesitated and he did not give it."

"We should have won this game, the first half was a bit locked and one-paced but the second was much more open. We created many chances and found ourselves 1-0 down, but we showed character and quality.

"Unfortunately I felt on the corner just before their goal, when we conceded it we lacked some calmness and focus. It is frustrating to concede a goal like this when we were first to the ball but didn't clear it, but we showed heart and it is good to repeat that."

"I am frustrated as I did not want a replay, but if it is the choice between staying in or going out then I would rather take the replay at the Emirates, and they have a lot of games too."