Wenger: 'We went out to win no matter what happens'

Last updated : 08 November 2008 By Chris Parry

"It was a very important result because I imagined what would have happened if we lost. Mathematically, it was key to stay with the top and show determination, spirit and mental attitude.

"I knew today that was a big game for the future of the team. To keep in the race, you need to win big games like that - and it is vital for a young team."

"I can take criticism. I am in a job where you have to take that. There is only one answer - with your performance on the pitch. I didn't doubt the spirit of my players. We made mistakes but I didn't question the spirit, quality or ability to play for the championship."

"We went out to win no matter what happens.

"It's a team answer - we showed that we have the squad, and that has been questioned. We showed that no matter who plays, we have the spirit."

"It does not matter if you love Manchester United or love Arsenal. It was a game for people who just love football."