Wenger: 'We were tentative and too cautious'

Last updated : 03 November 2007 By Chris Parry
"The referee interrupted the game and I thought he had given a free-kick against us for offside, so I had a surprise because the ball was in. It was fantastic for the linesman because he was on the wrong side. He saw it, I don't know how but when you see it on television the ball was in by a yard.

"I've not to thank him. He did his job well. I congratulate him but don't thank him. He did the job like you expect him to do it."

"Our character was tested twice. We were down and came back against a very good Manchester United side. They looked as if they could always take advantage of any mistake we made.

"They have clinical players and they did that well but they didn't create a lot. Overall it was a fair result.

"In the first half we played with the handbrake on and in the second half had more freedom but we didn't find our flowing game completely. We had to rely on character and determination.

"We were tentative and too cautious. We played at the wrong pace and allowed United to control us quite well, sharpness-wise we were not at our best but character-wise we have shown plenty again.

"There is something special in this side which you don't see at first because it attracts you more with technical ability. There is some resilience and character which is well hidden."

"We controlled them quite well but on the goals we were not at our best, but they are a side who look strong. They will be title contenders without a doubt."