Wenger: 'We weren't under any threat for the final 45 minutes'

Last updated : 13 December 2009 By Chris Parry
"I will not explain what I said at half-time. I will only say that Liverpool dominated the first half and Arsenal dominated the second period. Liverpool played at a pace above us and won all the 50-50s in the first period, and at half-time a score of just 1-0 down was good for us.

"I never speak about what I say at half-time. You respond to what you believe your team needs. I try to be composed. I was quite composed, but it is good that after 13 years as manager I can still surprise the players like that."

"Liverpool played very well and we played with our handbrake on through fear. The fear of not winning big games, because we lost against Chelsea and Manchester United. We brought that fear into the game. Once we had nothing to lose in the second period we played without that fear and we controlled the game.

"We were lucky with our first goal, but the fear was in Liverpool's camp in the second half and we scored an outstanding goal. From then on Liverpool's pace dropped and we were not really under any threat for the final 45 minutes.

"For us, we are back into contention following the results from Saturday. We are in a good position with a game in hand and mentally it was a massive game for us. With what happened on Saturday we knew we needed to win at Anfield. We did that, now it is down to consistency.

"The team who wins this title will be the one who is the most consistent, and nobody has done that yet. It is more than a three horse race, there is Aston Villa, Manchester City and Spurs. There is a long way to go. Chelsea will drop points, they have done so already and they will do so again.

"Everyone will do that. There are so many good teams, like Liverpool. They have Torres and Gerrard back, Aquilani will get fitter and many teams will drop points at Anfield. They played in the first half with an impressive level of performance. We now have to show consistency and character to continue in this vein."