Who is Sam Greenwood? Things to know about the English youngster

Back in August 2020, Leeds moved to poach one of the gems of Arsenal's academy in teenaged striker Sam Greenwood.

And what a move that has turned out to be.

The 19-year-old has just earned his first cap for England Under-19s thanks to his goalscoring exploits within the Elland Road academy. In celebration, his goals are being shared all over the Twittersphere...seriously, search his name, you won't be disappointed.

But who actually is this Sam Greenwood? And what is he doing to garner all this attention?

90min have your back.

1. No he's not related to Mason Greenwood

Let's just get that one out the way nice and early.

His surname is Greenwood, and he's a striker...but that's where the connections with Manchester United star Mason end.

2. Tearing it up in PL2

Since joining Leeds' academy from Arsenal in the summer, Greenwood has taken his game to another level. He's gone from an Under-18s superstar to a player on the brink of a first-team breakthrough - he even made his debut under Marcelo Bielsa in the FA Cup earlier this season.

He's done that by making PL2 his playground. While it's difficult to find a consensus on exact statistics for the Premier League's reserve league, his Transfermarkt lists him as netting eight goals in 15 appearances this season...not bad for your first year at Under-23 level.

3. He's a northern lad

London might be the most densely populated part of the UK by a country mile...but it's not for everyone.

Sunderland native Greenwood is one of those who prefers life in the north, and he made that clear with a cheeky smile in his first interview as a Leeds player after leaving Arsenal.

"It feels nice to be up north!"

Respect, from a Glasgow fan *handshake emoji*.

4. He can ping them with either foot

In the same interview, the striker was asked what kind of player he is, and he casually described himself as 'both-footed'.


It's certainly reflected in his play though. Throughout a tremendous season for Leeds' Under-23s, he has been seen banging them in from all ranges with both feet.

Are we sure he's not related to Mason?

5. He likes a free kick

A quick skim through the results when you search 'Sam Greenwood' on Twitter suggests he's very, very good at scoring freekicks.

Seriously, have a look for yourself. It's relentless.

6. Arsenal were very excited about him...

Greenwood spent just two years in Arsenal's academy, but in that time he managed to convince everyone of a Gunners persuasion that he was the superior Greenwood.

He scored goals at a pretty ludicrous rate for the Under-18s and it was anticipated he would have a long and glorious future at the Emirates.

7. ...So obviously he's just scored against Arsenal

Yep, it's a given, isn't it?

In his first appearance for the England Under-19s, confusingly in a friendly against Arsenal Under-23s, Greenwood curled one right into the top corner.

It was such a good goal that he even shared it on his Instagram story.

England won 6-1...tough one to take for the Gooners.

Source : 90min