You couldn't make it up...

Last updated : 14 January 2013 By Chris

Until yesterday.

I now know the reason why we seemingly can't compete at home anymore - the players are 'scared'.

Wenger stated after yesterday's capitulation:

"I felt we started too timidly and with not enough authority. You can see that nerves play a part in our team at the moment when we play at home. The players are nervous because they feel the scepticism around the team. The players feel that they want to do well. They have a great desire to do well, so maybe they’re a bit too anxious that they don’t respond completely to the expectation level of the crowd."

Blaming the supporters - whose loyalty is being tested to the limit by the policies of the club - is possibly the final insult for some.

Arsene - deliver us a team who look like they give a shit when they wear the shirt and the supporters will respond.