Match tickets

Last updated : 23 May 2002 By Chris Parry
There are four basic ways to obtain home match tickets:

1). In Person
2). By Post
3). By Phone
3). "The Last Resort"
Whichever way you choose to apply, you will also greatly improve your chances of securing the tickets by subscribing to the clubs "Ticket Retail Scheme" (or TRS) which has come into force this season. Basically all fans who are signed up to the TRS get first refusal on any tickets that go on sale. the tickets are available from 09.30 hrs. on the day which is exactly two calender months before the game in question. It is always worthwhile telephoning the booking office to find out exactly when tickets are available in order to avoid disappointment. Contact the Arsenal box office on 0207-704-4040 for TRS information As a normal non-TRS member of the public, you will only get the opportunity to buy tickets one calender month prior to the game if any seats remain

In Person at the booking office, situated on the Avenell Rd. side (East side) of the stadium. The opening times of the booking office are: 9.30 am. - 5 pm. - Monday to Friday 9.30 am. - 12 noon - Saturdays (When there is no home first team game) If you want to secure tickets for important home games, you have to set your alarm clock, because queues tend to form from a very early hour on the morning that certain tickets go on sale.

By Post, by sending your application, together with a blank cheque and a stamped addressed envelope direct to the Club, marked for the attention of the box office. If you choose to apply by this method, your application should be submitted at the earliest possible time in order to have a reasonable chance of receiving tickets. Remember you must quote your TRS number on the application The full address for applications is: Arsenal Football Club PLC., Highbury Stadium, Avenell Rd., Highbury, London N5 1BU. 

By phone, using the "Dial-a-Seat" service operated by the Club's appointed agent, namely Ticketmaster, who handle all credit card telephone bookings on the clubs behalf. The telephone number is: 0207-413-3366. This number is in operation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Again, a TRS number is a prerequisite.

 "The Last Resort" It has been known for home match tickets to go on general sale to the public. The first two home games of season 2001/2002 against Leicester and Leeds both went on general sale, albeit in VERY limited quantities. The trick is to keep an eye on the official club website at all times - you might get lucky. if you simply can't get a ticket through the official channels, then basically you have three choices; you approach one of the numerous London ticket agencies and ask them, you go to the ground on match day and enquire with one of the shady characters who stand on street corners and mumble "any spare tickets", or you simply hang around outside the ground, put yourself about a bit (not in the physical sense of course!) and hope a genuine fan with a spare ticket offers you one. The first two solutions will involve paying over the odds for the ticket, so forget the prices below, and the third option gives you a chance to get lucky and pay face value.

Away match tickets .......... tricky one this............ The short answer is that unless you are an Arsenal Season Ticket holder or TRS card holder, then you have little chance of obtaining tickets for away games. Allocations of seats that the club receives from it's counterparts in the F.A.Carling Premiership vary from 1200 - 3000, depending on the club concerned. The tickets are therefore normally heavily over-subscribed, and priority is normally given to those fans who have attended away matches already during the season (the club keep a register of who exactly applies for tickets for each away game). The club do run an "away season ticket" scheme, but it's only open to home season ticket holders, and members of this scheme get first refusal on any tickets. This is one of the penalties we pay for our game being so commercially successful at the moment. Ok so we can afford the best players and pay them huge salaries, but that is only because every game (home and away) is over-subscribed. Sorry to be so negative.