Video Review: 'Classic victories over Manchester United'

Last updated : 17 November 2002 By Brian Dawes
Granada Video/VCI have enlisted Paul Doherty International to produce this one and such is the standard that it's to be hoped they will continue to do so in the future. This item is also available as a DVD which I am reliably informed has an additional 60 minutes of extended action plus celebrations from our 'Champions Section' Championship clincher last May.

What you get for your money with the video is 64 minutes of action from ten key matches between Arsenal and Manure. Naturally these are all matches which the good guys win, and comprises eight League and two Cup ties for your entertainment. As an added bonus we're provided with a couple of batches of additional Arsenal goals from encounters with United other than those featured in the main matches. Thankfully this includes one of my all time favourite ‘must see' goals which was that scored by Jon Sammels who hammered home a shot of over thirty yards past Alex Stepney at the Clock End in 1969.

The games highlighted are all from the past four decades, starting with our first Double winning season and John Radford's hat trick during a 4-0 thrashing at our opening home game in August 1970. The video finishes, not surprisingly, with last season's Championship clinching win which some of us were fortunate enough to view from the ‘Champions Section' at Old Trafford.

The games covered are:-

22/08/70 Arsenal 4-0 Manure
22/11/75 Arsenal 3-1 Manure
01/04/78 Arsenal 3-1 Manure
12/05/79 Arsenal 3-2 Manure FA Cup Final
20/02/88 Arsenal 2-1 Manure FA Cup 5th Round
06/05/91 Arsenal 3-1 Manure
09/11/97 Arsenal 3-2 Manure
14/03/98 Manure 0-1 Arsenal (double season)
25/11/01 Arsenal 3-1 Manure
08/05/02 Manure 0-1 Arsenal (double season)

As part of your viewing pleasure you will have the opportunity to hurl abuse at Bruce, Strachan, Sherringham and many other prima donnas. You'll get to chuckle at Paddy Roche punching into his own net, laugh at the Fabian Barthez cock-ups and quite possibly have mild hysterics when Brian Mclair blasts a crucial Cup-tie spot kick high into the North Bank. Try not to fall off your chair laughing when Nige goes up to Mclair afterwards and tells him what a great pen it was.

Many will be delighted to relive these past encounters whilst younger fans may begin to appreciate why older Gooners rave about the likes of Brady and Rocky. All can watch agog at the vast brown muddy patches that were once part of Highbury's playing surface. Wonder at the marvel of packed standing terraces. Be stunned when you discover that Brady also had a very effective right foot. Be incredulous about just how greedy Supermac was. Set your stopwatch on Alan Ball's 13 second opening goal. Nod knowingly as the eighteen-year-old Anelka grabs his debut goal while Neville backs off. Do a double take as you notice Sammy Nelson in a number 4 shirt. Smile to yourself at the two flicked headers by Bergkamp and Anelka that set up Overmars at Old Trafford in 1998. Suffer again those brown trouser moments of the Brady Final before Rix hit that stunning cross for Sunderland. Enjoy crazy Bob Wilson diving at George Best's feet. Marvel at Vieira's power-driver past Schmuckle in 1997. Join David Platt in celebrating a great header from Nigel's corner. And finally leap to your feet and punch the air once more as Sylvain slots home.

All in all it's a great way to spend an hour or two depending whether you treat yourself to the video or the DVD.

Granada Video/CVI
Video £12.99
DVD £14.99