Gooners Diary 2004/5

Bernard's weekly look at events

Glory, Glory Tottenham Hotspur

Glory, Glory Tottenham Hotspur

Perhaps Le Prof and Rafael Benitez should have sat down for a post-match pow-wow on Sunday. By comparing notes, between
21 And Counting Before We Lose Our Keys To Highbury's Doors

21 And Counting Before We Lose Our Keys To Highbury's Doors

Digging deep into the furthest recesses of the old grey matter, I find fond memories of a primary school pal who, at the
One Team In London

One Team In London

Writing this missive on the eve of the North London derby, it seems a strange coincidence that it's a year to the day wh
Blackburn or Bust!

Blackburn or Bust!

I was green with Gooner envy witnessing the wonderful atmosphere up at Anfield on the box last Tuesday.
Where's Our Easter-enders Gone?

Where's Our Easter-enders Gone?

It's been a weird week. After getting up at the crack of dawn for five hundred mile round trips to noon kick-offs up Nor
And What Is More, You'll Be A Stark Raving Madman, My Son!

And What Is More, You'll Be A Stark Raving Madman, My Son!

From the look of the number of empty seats dotted around the grounds at 3 of the 4 quarterfinals, I wasn't the only one
Never Mind The Immovable Object...

Never Mind The Immovable Object...

... (and the Bollix!), Beware The Arsenal's Irresistible Force!

It's A Bavarian Wind That Blows Nobody Any Good
- Arsenal Mon 28th February
Can You Hear Blue Bottoms Squeak?
- Arsenal Mon 7th February
The Assault Of The Also-Rans
- Arsenal Mon 24th January
Sweet F.A.Cup
- Arsenal Wed 12th January
Half-Term High-dee Highs And Low-dee-lows
- Arsenal Mon 3rd January
Never Mind Snow, Nine Points Will Do Me
- Arsenal Mon 20th December
Nothing To Fear But.....Well Nothing Actually!
- Arsenal Mon 13th December
Sunday Best? Are We Sure Arsène's Not Naked!
- Arsenal Mon 6th December
Boo To Be a Gooner
- Arsenal Mon 22nd November
Gooner Guerrilla Manoeuvres: Over And Out!
- Arsenal Fri 19th November
We Are The Boys Who Will Have You On The Run
- Arsenal Mon 8th November
Dutchman's Foot Plugs The Arsenal's Dyke
- Arsenal Mon 1st November
Come in Mr. Ferguson - Your Time Is Up
- Arsenal Tue 19th October
Arsenal AGM (It's All Gone Meshuga)
- Arsenal Mon 11th October
Never Mind My Fingers, It's My Legs I Need To Cross
- Arsenal Tue 28th September
Every Day Can't Be Christmas
- Arsenal Mon 20th September
Things That Go Bump In The Park
- Arsenal Mon 13th September
Score In A Brothel But Not From The Bench
- Arsenal Mon 6th September
Fortune Certainly Doesn't Favour The Fearful
- Arsenal Mon 30th August
Gooner Grass Has Never Been Greener
- Arsenal Sat 21st August