Ah, memories of Michael Thomas (well kind of)

Last updated : 17 September 2006 By Kevin Archer

Instead, let's concentrate on one very significant thing: we stuck at it until the very end. And we finally won a game that, with stalemate looming, we had every right to win.

What's more, we did it in the dying moments without compromising our style of play.

How many times in the last few seasons have we completely dominated games, only to lose our way as the final whistle grew nearer? How many opponents have salvaged a point when they deserved a drubbing? And how many scrappy little sides have sent us home in disbelief, having taken all three with nothing more than a single strike on goal?

So yes, there were performances to talk about…

Lehmann was excellent. The only thing missing from his game was that small patch of hair that we're all too scared to mention…

Fabregas was astonishing. Again. Stop messing about Arsène and give him a 20 year contract. (After all, he'll only be 31 by the end of it).

And Adebayor scored. Eventually.

Of course, it goes without saying that everyone put in a good performance. You don't win at Old Trafford (with its extra extra time and greased penalty spots) unless there's 100% effort, from back to front.

Laughably, the game was billed as make or break for Arsenal. Lose, and the title was gone. Win, and we held onto the slimmest chance of future glory.

Well, did win. But it's not the three points that will please Arsène Wenger most. No, it was the determination in that victory that will have him smiling at his cornflakes.

We deserved to beat Man United. At Old Trafford.

And we did. Now let the season begin…