Blackburn Rovers v Arsenal - Player Ratings

Last updated : 14 January 2007 By Clive Dickman

Another great result, this time achieved with ten men, after our mate "Rob "knob" Styles had dismissed Gilberto for daring to kick out at the angel Robbie Savage after he had fouled him twice!

Oh how great it must be to travel a 500 mile, nine hour, round trip only for some idiotic referee to ruin the game within 12 minutes! Or so it seemed.

Fortunately we are made of better stuff, it was not only fitting but satisfying for the sake of the football God, that we went on to win the game with two great goals, the second being one of the goals of the season. Forget what sky and co say, watch it again with the sound turned down, beautiful football from our own penalty box and a wonderful finish from TH14.

Finally, I have to get this off my chest to the so called guardians of our game, because at times, I think I am missing something. Correct me if I am wrong but I believe after tonight's game the following will happen. Gilberto will miss 3 games for violent conduct. Savage gets nothing apart from his caution and Neil who was the last player when bringing down Van Persie once again gets just a yellow card, please, is it me or has the whole world gone mad? Gooner or not watch it and tell me this is fair?

Lehmann - 5 - Flapped at crosses, slow to get across for one effort on goal and kicked poorly, seemed a bit rusty.

Hoyte - 6 - One of his best games in an Arsenal shirt but did show a lack of pace at times, still a lot to do to cement himself as our No.2, but young and time is on his side.

Toure - 7 - Solid performance as usual and drove the back four on, also got on the end of a superb Henry free kick to plant a powerful header in off the post.

Senderos - 7 - Growing with each game and once again dealt well with the high balls Blackburn hurled at us, one great last ditch challenge summing up how far he has come.

Clichy - 7 - Looked really exciting going forward and dear I say it as good as the money grabber that used to occupy this berth.

Hleb - 8 - For me our man of the match, showed an array of skills from passing and keep ball to tackling.

Fabregas - 7 - As per normal he worked hard, put together some wonderful moves particularly our second goal when combining so well with Thierry, only negative was some loose passing at times.(Djourou 90)

Gilberto - 3 - Poor Gilberto, he never gets involved yet gets sent off for putting his leg out after getting kicked twice!! Someone sort it out you are ruing our game!

Rosicky - 7 - Showed his array of silky skills and not scared to put his foot on when needed.

Henry - 7 - A quiet game from the maestro yet he scored one of the goals of the season and beautifully set up our first goal, lets be honest we can't do without him. (Adebayor 80)

Van Persie - 7 - Robin worked hard and looks every bit our new Bergkamp showing skills we thought we would not see again since DB10's retirement. (Flamini 68).

Flamini - 6 - Did his job well. (68)

Adebayor - 5 - (80) Lost the ball when we most needed to hang on to it, but not on long enough to get into his stride.

Djourou (90) Smiles a lot!

Subs Not Used: Almunia, Baptista